Park domain name to hosting

You are able to park multiple domain names (even from 3rd party companies) to your undoLogic hosting. After these changes are made your undoLogic hosting is using the domain name.

The following instructions will modify the account :LOGIN_DOMAIN

You can either point an A-RECORD to the hosting account (means web traffic)
SETTINGS: Create an A-RECORD on your domain name and point to :IP_ADDRESS
-> In this scenerio you would manage your email through your domain name control panel.
-> Only the traffic over the sub-domain you specified in the A-RECORD will be sent to the undoLogic server


You can update the name servers (DNS / NS1 / etc) and this will point ALL traffic (WEB, EMAIL, etc). 
SETTINGS: Update your name servers on your domain name to NS1.:LOGIN_SERVER / NS2.:LOGIN_SERVER
-> All domins now use the email services on the hosting. Meaning: info@domain1.com AND info@domain2.com would share a single email account. This allows to sent / receive from multiple email accounts
-> In this scenerio you would then manage all future A-RECORDS through your undoLogic control panel. 
-> If you already have email running on a 3rd party service ensure you prepare all settings correctly or you can lose email after the update.

You must 'Park' the domain name in the undoLogic control panel before the server will accept anything from your domain name. 
-> Login to your control panel http://:LOGIN_DOMAIN/cp OR via the server directly https://cp.:LOGIN_SERVER
-> Username: :LOGIN_USER / Password: :LOGIN_PASS

Included in your undoLogic subscription is 24/7 online support at www.suresupport.com

If you prefer, we can manage any work / issues for you, billed per our hourly rate. We offer technical help, development, proactive extended configuration, offsite backup, to keep your online presence running smoothly.

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