Route voice mail from your cell phone to setupCase and receive via E-Mail

Are you tired on filling up your voicemail box ?

Use SetupCase and route voicemail from your CELL PHONE and have it arrive to your email.

This means you don't have to worry about filling up your voicemail included in your cell phone plan

Emails will arrive in your email and you can listen directly from there. 

# 1 > After setup

After this is setup you will receive your voicemails in your email
-> You can click to listen directly from your email
-> You can click to return the call from the phone number link

# 2 > Android setup

On an android phone

open the phone app
-> click the 3 dots top right
-> click settings
-> click more settings
-> click Call forwarding
-> update all 'Forward when busy' / 'Forward when unanswered' AND 'Forward when unreachable'

# 3 > Change number

Update the number
-> Add the number you were given as your SetupCase VoiceMail number