Verify Email Quality

When sending emails to your business customers it is important that you have configured it correctly.

Having a good score will ensure your emails get through to your customers without going into the spam box or being rejected. 

# 1 > Mail Tester

Use the website:

When you arrive at the website notice an email address
-> Copy that email address into your clipboard (Ctrl+C) / right click copy
-> Click 'Then check your score'

# 2 > Send an email

Now go into the email program and send an email with the email address
-> Regular email program click 'new email' and make the TO go to the website address.
-> If it is a software make sure the 'TO' goes to the website. 

# 3 > Check your score

After you have sent your email 
-> Check your score on the mail-tester website (after you clicked: check my score)

Go through each section and fix the errors