Change your webmail password

How to change your Undologic webmail password

# 1 > To Change your password, login to WEBMAIL

If you want to view your emails through a browser you can do so in your webmail

In the Address bar of your browser type:

www.YourDomainName.com/webmail mbox.


Note: YourDomainName.com is the domain of your company.

# 2 > Once you've logged in

After you have logged in you will see all your emails -> Click on OPTIONS

# 3 > Change your password

Click on options -> change password

Note: after changing your password you will have to update this accross all the devices that use this imap email account


You can sync email from webmail to other devices using the following info:

Incoming: mail.YourDomainName.com 

Ensure the type is set to IMAP

Outgoing: mail.YourDomainName.com 

Outgoing email requires you setup a SMTP server in your email program and ensure you are using authentication for the outgoing server