Modifying the contact info on your domain name - whois

iCANN requires that all domain have accurate contact information for all domain names. By not providing / keeping information up to date you domain can be de-activated by iCANN, we have no control over this. 

Following the instructions below to change the contact information for your domain name (aka whois). Whois is the public record of who owns a particular domain name. It is required by iCANN that all domain names have up to date contact information for each domain name. 

If you wish to lookup what public information is available click suresupport.com/whois/

Private information:
Domains connected to a hosting (purchased as a group hosting With domain) include domain privacy. You can enable domain privacy so private info is used. Any info sent to this information will be forwarded to you, however the info will not have your private information. 

Domains which are separate from the hosting (not purchased together), private whois is available for 9.99 / year. Please reach out if you want to enable on your domain name. 

.CA domains: private whois is not available for these domain names through our service. You can find a 3rd party services online that will be able to help you out with this. 

If you need help with the login information, please contact our support team -> undoLogic.com -> Support


# 1 > Login

When you signed up for your hosting / domain name we sent you a welcome package with login information. 

See the section about domain names and login to the panel.

If your supplier is with ENOM skip to step 5

If your supplier is with SureSupport skip to step 2

# 2 > SURESUPPORT > Login

If your supplier for your domain name is Suresupport.com you will see the following login window.

This is available at http://domains.suresupport.com

# 3 > SURESUPPORT > Modify

After you have logged in you will see your contact info, you can make any changes you wish. 

It is recommended that you leave undoLogic as the technical contact so we may make changes to your account on your behalf. 

From this screen you can also modify the hosting records / dns from the link

If you want to activate private who.is you can so by clicking the private whois button/ 

# 4 > SURESUPPORT > DNS / Host Records

DNS means you will route EVERYTHING to the hosting (Email and web traffic). If you do not have a separate email service you can enter the name servers here (This is available from your hosting info)

HOST RECORDS means you will point each service separately: eg only web traffic get forwarded to one server and emails get forwarded to another server (office365)

# 5 > ENOM > Login

If you have a .CA domain name or a domain that is not purchased with hosting, you will be logging into ENOM. The information to login was sent to you by undoLogic when you registered. 

# 6 > ENOM > General Settings

When you login you see the domain settings you can modify. Simply click 'EDIT' at the bottom of each section to modify and then save. 

To modify the 'Contact Information' click the top link.

# 7 > ENOM -> Contact information

After you clicked 'contact information' at the top you will see your contact information. 

To modify scroll to the bottom of each section and click 'EDIT'. You will then be able to modify all the information per your requirement.

After you save it can take several hours to be visible on the public whois

# 8 > Updated

After you modify the DNS OR Host records OR contact information -> it can take several hours for the information to appear in the LIVE whois.

To see what information is currently available click suresupport.com/whois/