Setting up iPhone ios6

How to add an email account on iPhone 6

# 1 > Locate mail settings

Go to Settings, then select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" in the list

# 2 > Adding an account

Once you're in the "Mail.." section, tap "Add Account"

# 3 > Choose Type

Choose the type of email you wish to add (for this example, we'll choose "Other")

# 4 > "Other" email Settings

Once you're in the "Other" email settings, tap "Add Mail Account"

# 5 > Add email account information

Here you will add:
1) your name
2) email addess
3) password for that email account
4) the name for how you would like it to appear on your phone

# 6 > IMAP, Incoming and Outgoing email information

Select IMAP, fill in the information below

Once finished, click "Next" in the top right

# 7 > Dealing with a possible error

If you receive this error after clicking "Next", just click "Continue"

If you didn't, skip to step #8

# 8 > Mail / Notes options

You can choose to enable/disable Mail and Notes here.

Once you're finished, click "Save"

# 9 > Final step

Your new email should appear in the "Mailboxes" list