Spam Filter

Managing spam is a cat and mouse game. Our solutions include several tools to help to filter unwanted email from your inbox.

If you want advanced spam filtering with post-processing and learning algorithms you may be interested in: www.SettleSpam.com which is undoLogic's professional grade filter that can be customized in line with your niche requirements.

# 1 > Options

To access these options you can navigate to www.YourDomainName.com/webmail (replace yourDomainName.com with the domain you use for your company)
After you login navigate to 'Options' and then 'Mail Filters'

# 2 > Configure settings

Next you can configure all the settings as per what works well for your organization. We suggest you setup a support session with undoLogic so we can customize your mailbox to the ideal solution for your requirements.

Note: setting a spam assassin level too low can cause some good messages from being rejected and setting the spam assassin too high can allow junk mail to pass into your inbox.
Mail Filtering is a great way to avoid spam messages by adding words that appear in your subject to classify as spam.

Contact us at undoLogic for a support package and let us work with you to adjust these settings in line with your requirements.