Managing multiple email account from one portal

SetupCase works great with 'PolyMail.IO' 
-> We recommend using this company to setup all your email accounts
-> You can then login to a single website and see all your email from all your different email accounts
-> MacOS / IOS also supports a native application (but the website works great :)

Following are the step to connect your SetupCase email to this external service 

# 1 > Interface

When setup you can access your separate emails on the left side
-> You can also click 'All Inboxes' and see all emails from all accounts. 

On the right sidee you can quickly jump to previous messages from the same sender

To create a NEW email click the new icon (top left)

The bottom left tabs allows you to switch between email view, chat view, analytics, and settings

# 2 > Sign-up

To sign-up navigate to 


-> After the trial you are required to make a payment per the pricing on their website. (we have not affiliation with PolyMail)

# 3 > Setup a new EMAIL account

On the first load you will be prompted to add your email 
-> on future session you can add a new email with (BOTTOM - LEFT - SETTINGS)

# 4 > Configuration

Fill in the settings as follows

EMAIL: this is the email you created from your SetupCase control panel
USERNAME: This is also your email address
PASSWORD: Password you created (you can reset through control panel)
HOST: Given on your welcome package
PORT: 993
ENABLE SSL: YES (checked)
Allow insecure ssl: NO (not checked)

SMTP Server
USERNAME: Your email address
PASSWORD: Password you created
HOST: Given in your welcome package
PORT: 465
ENABLE SSL: YES (checked)
STARTTLS: NO (not checked)
ALLOW INSECURE SSL: NO (not checked)


# 5 > Works with others

This program is great in that is works along with your OTHER email clients
-> OUTLOOK: if you have setup your email on outlook, this provides a great way to interact with your email when you are away from your computer
-> When you are away from your computer all your emails are accessible even your Gmail, office365 in addition to our SetupCase Emails