Make VOIP calls from your companies number using your ANDROID phone

When you are on the go, using your mobile phone connected to your SetupCase VOIP service is a great time saver.
-> This allows you to make calls from your companies number using your Android mobile phone
-> Your customers will receive calls from your companies number (NOT YOUR CELL NUMBER)

This requires a BRIA subscription of $ 9.99 (per year)
-> You are purchasing the actual softphone from the company Counterpath. 
-> There are free voip phones, but the low cost out weights the problems you avoid when using a free service. 


On your android phone
-> Navigate to the PLAY STORE
-> Search for BRIA
-> click Install 
-> After it installs click 'OPEN'

# 2 > Configure

Phone permission
-> You need to allow bria to make calls on your phone
-> Click 'SHOW' and the bottom (blue square)
-> A popup will appear (from your phone) - click 'Allow'

# 3 > Confirm Subscription with BRIA

We are now going to pay for the subscription with bria
-> Click NEXT
-> Click NEXT
-> Choose between 9.99 / year or .99 per month
-> You will get a confirmation that your subscription is approved and active

# 4 > Quick access

This features allows you to access your phone with an icon on top of other apps on your phone

-Click 'SHOW'
-Switch Allow permission to ON

Then click the BACK button to return

# 5 > Allow Microphone

To allow the phone to hear you, you must allow the microphone use
-> Click Show
-> Click ALLOW on the popup

# 6 > Improvement program

You are not obligated to, but we recommend you accept
-> This gives important non identifiable information back to CounterPath for product improvement in the future. 

# 7 > Setup account

Your phone is now ready to setup an account
-> Click the + (plus) at the bottom right of the screen
-> On the next screen choose SIP

# 8 > Confiure

We are now entering the information which is provided to your from your control panel (see image left side)

ACCOUNT NAME: Anything you want
DISPLAY AS: Your caller id setting (unless it is overridder on the server level)
USERNAME: Use the username provided in your voip.setupcase.com account
PASSWORD: Use the password provided in your voip.setupcase.com account
DOMAIN: use montreal1.setupcase.com (unless we provide you another server name)
BRIA PUSH SERVICE: Check the box to increase the quality when receiving calls

Click the CHECKBOX top right - to confirm the settings
-> You will get a popup to accept the push settings (very important for receiving call quality)

You will now see GREEN indicating your phone is ready to make calls

# 9 > Making Calls

You are now ready to make calls
-> NOTE you can click 'request permission' to connect to your contacts on your phone. It will then be a lot easier to make calls

Type in the number you want to dial
-> Click the green telephone icon to call

During the call note the call quality (top left)
-> RED: your internet is getting interupted and you may experience low quality
-> ORANGE: The quality is not as high as it normally is
-> GREEN: The internet speed is high and your call will be connected as high quality

# 10 > Background usage

In order to receive calls, BRIA needs to run in the background
-> This will ensure you can pick up calls when they are incoming
-> This requires that you allow higher battery useage

(NOTE: leaving the phone running in the background will use more battery. Close the phone when you are not using the app)