VOIP - use a FREE computer soft phone to connect to your setupCase subscription on MacOS (Apple)

We are going to show you just how easy it is to get up and running !

# 1 > Signup

First you must register to setup you account


After you signup our agents will contact you to finalize your account

# 2 > Sign-IN

Now that you have signed up and your account is setup


with your username / password

Navigate to: 


# 3 > Install XLITE

Download and install XLITE on your computer


You should now see the program 
-> We are now ready to configre the settings

# 4 > Configure Xlite

To configure and connect our phone to be able to make calls:
-> Click X-Lite at the top left 
-> Click Preferences

This now open the preferences
-> Click Accounts

# 5 > Add Settings

Fill in the following settings
-> You get the settings from the preview step (logging into Voip.setupCase.com)

USER ID: Copy/paste the username
DOMAIN: use montreal1.setupcase.com (or other if our agents let you know)
PASSEORD: Copy/paste the password
DISPLAY NAME: The name that will appear when you call
AUTHORIZATION NAME: Copy/paste the username

Click OK

# 6 > Audio Settings

To ensure people can hear you and you can hear them
-> click 'DEVICES'
-> Ensure you have your correct speakers and microphone (EG, if you have a headset you would rather use this then the speakers on your computer)
-> Ensure you see the GREEN: Your Microphone works AND GREEN: Your Speakers Work

# 7 > Confirm Registration Success

To verify that your phone has connected to our server
-> Switch back to Voip.SetupCase.com 

Click the top RIGHT
-> The red / green signal strength icon
-> A window will appear
-> Look for 'Registered' -> You are ready to make calls 

# 8 > Ready To Dial

You are now ready to dial your first TESTING phone call
-> Ensure you see the GREEN checkbox meaning it is connected
-> type in a number in the box above the numbers
-> Click the GREEN telephone to DIAL

# 9 > Call progress

You will now hear the phone ringing
-> It is display 'Call established' when you are connected
-> Top right you will see the call QUALITY (if you see RED your internet is saturated: wait a few seconds)
-> Click on the RED phone to hang up the call