Detailed website statistics

undoLogic offers detailed website statistics about your traffic to keep you updated on the number of users that visit your website.


# 1 > undoLogic offers detailed website statistics about your traffic

Logon to the stats engine (Use your own domain for your website instead of 'yourdomain.com')


Then enter your username and password provided from your undoLogic account manager. (it is usually your company name with a password)

# 2 > You now see an overview screen of the past year

A good indication of the number of users per month is 'SITES' which means unique locations in the world that accessed your site.
(note. in a large building there are more than one person per location and a residential home can have more than one location per month)

# 3 > You can click on each month to get a detailed overview of that month

The month view is separated by
[Daily Statistics] = information about each day of the month
[Hourly Statistics] = information about what time the traffic happened
[URLs] = The pages on yoru site that received the most traffic
[Entry] = The page that were accessed first
[Exit] = The last page before users left
[Sites] = The locations where traffic came from
[Referrers] = Who gave your the traffic (i.e. search engine or direct request meaning they typed your website in the address bar)

[Agents] = These are the different browsers that accessed your site.
[Locations] = Where in the world was your website accessed from