Using SVN on SSH to prepare all website files on the DEV server

You can use SVN to easily put all your website files on your DEV or CLIENT directories on your server. 

# 1 > Enable SSH (first time only)

The first time you complete this you will need to ensure SSH is activated within your control panel
-> Login to your control panel
-> Click on SSH
-> Ensure SSH ACCESS is 'enabled'

# 2 > Terminal

Using any terminal program
-> ssh username@server123.com
-> Enter your password
-> cd www/test/dev/
-> svn export --username YOURUSERNAME --force https://svn.undologic.com/updateCase.com/PROJECTNAME/trunk/. .
-> It will prompt you for your password
-> It will then prompt you to save unsecure (this is ok)

# 3 > Export

You will now see all the project files being exported to your directory. 
-> If you have external SVN repos, it will ask for your password again, (this is normal)

# 4 > Ready

Your project has now been prepared and is visible to the internet