How to free up space on your server

If you are running out of space on your server, you can free up space by deleting unwanted files
-> Backup - when we launch a website we keep backup copies, so you can remove the older versions
-> Other directories that you no longer use can also be removed

# 1 > Login to control panel

Login to your control panel
-> Notice on the left side this server is almost full
-> If the server runs out of space you might not receive emails

To identify where the space is being used up
-> Click 'resources'

If you already know what directory
-> You can click on file manager to navigate to the directory and delete files

# 2 > Resources

To identify where the space is being used up

After clicking 'resources'
-> click 'Files'

# 3 > Resources > Disk space

Now now can see each directory and how much space each directory uses
-> A personal plan has 1000 M, from the example you can see our 'Backup' is using almost half our space, so it is easy to free up space

Notice yo ucan click the PLUS sign to open up a section and view the usage of the sub elements as well

You can now click on each folder name to go directly to the file manager
-> OR you can also click 'HOME' and access the file manager from there 

# 4 > File Manager

To delete the files you will need to access them by clicking 'File Manager'

Here you see all the 'Subdomains'

This means you can access these files by using the information on the side panel

eg if you want to view the 'Backup' folder using the server domain (instead of your domain name)
-> Username.Folder.ServerName.com
-> so in the example to view 'backup' you would type into your browser
-> serverUserNameHere.backup.server999.com

Click on one of the folders to view the contents

# 5 > Deleting Folders

When you have found folders which you CAN delete
-> Ensure you do not delete folders which are being used for the LIVE website 

To delete simply:
-> Checkbox next to each folder
-> click 'delete selected' at the bottom

You now have cleaned up space you will no longer get notifications about your server being full