Thunderbird Calendar

Add a new Calendar to Thunderbird

# 1 > Login to owncloud

Log into your owncloud account the click the calendar icon in the left side menu.

# 2 > Calendar page

On the calendar page:
- Click the gear icon in the top right
- Then the globe icon
- Select and copy the link that appears below

# 3 > New Calendar

Open Thunderbird. In the top menu, go to FILE -> NEW -> CALENDAR
then select "On the Network" and click "Continue"

# 4 > CalDAV

Select "CalDAV" and Paste in the link you copied from the preview step into the 'location' box --- then click "Continue"

# 5 > Name Calendar

Name your calendar and click "Continue" (after that, click "Done")

# 6 > Authenticate with owncloud

If asked to authenticate, fill in your Owncloud login information

# 7 > Access new calendar

The new calendar can be accessed via the icon in the top right

# 8 > Access your calendar

You should now be able to access your calendar and add/edit events on it.