Download a backup of Emails - Database - Files

To download a backup of your emails, database or website files use the following instructions.

# 1 > Login to control panel

Login to your control panel and create an FTP account which gives you access to the root of your hosting account

# 2 > Create FTP account

Create a FTP account (enter a username / password) and ensure the 'Directory' is set to '/'

# 3 > Find control panel

Navigate to Control panel 'Home' then Backup

# 4 > Choose backup contents

Choose what to include in the backup and click 'Backup Now'

# 5 > Special Note

After clicking 'Backup Now' it will in some cases take a long time to prepare the files (Hours) if all the mailboxes are very large.

Step 5: When the backups are ready 'Save' will be visible on each type. Click save on BOTH and the click 'Download Backups'

# 6 > Enter info

Enter the username / password you created above in the FTP section

# 7 > Download archives

Click to download each ARCHIVE

# 8 > Additional note

Very large files it is suggested you use a FTP program (i.e. File-zilla) which ensures you download the file in entirity.
Step 8: Open up filezilla and open the 'Site-manager' Command + S / Ctrl + S

# 9 > Navigate and download

Navigate to 'backup' and download all required files